3. February 2023

How does Bitcoin Motion work?

When you first open the Bitcoin Motion App webpage, you see a counter at the top of the page. Basically, it tells you that you only have a few minutes to sign up, otherwise your spot will be taken by someone else. But this is not the case. Bitcoin Motion countdown

In fact, all you have to do is refresh the page (https://www.indexuniverse.eu/bitcoin-motion-review/) and you’ll see the counter go back to its original value. So it is only there to put artificial pressure on you to rush into a decision that is not rational. When we saw this, a doubt was cast on the seriousness of the Bitcoin Motion platform.


Bitcoin Motion Review: What is it?

Bitcoin Motion is an online trading tool that anyone can use to trade cryptocurrencies. This is because no special skills are required to use the robot, which also means that you won’t need to know how to trade crypto-currencies.
The Bitcoin Motion robot trader assists you in trading crypto-currencies. Thus, it is possible to trade a number of crypto-currencies including the most famous of all, bitcoin. The robot mainly uses an algorithm to analyse the different markets. It uses historical data to try to predict the price evolution in the future. All this is done fully automatically. So all you have to do is set your trading parameters and let the robot trade for you.

According to Bitcoin Motion, the robot has a 98.9% success rate, which means that the robot wins more than 9 out of 10 trades. To make trades, the trading robot goes through one or more brokers.

How does Bitcoin Motion work?

Bitcoin Motion uses a variety of brokers to make trades. In effect, the brokers manage your trades and deposits from the site.

The Bitcoin Motion trading robot, like a number of other trading robots, performs algorithmic trading. Therefore, the strategies employed here are very different from those employed on a manual trade. This robot operates at a fast pace, allowing you to take advantage of a trading opportunity as soon as it arises.

The broker used by the robot also allows for margin trading, often with high leverage. Thanks to the leverage, you can take positions much larger than your own capital.

Bitcoin Motion has a leverage of about 1,000:1, so with a minimum deposit of $250, you can make trades worth about $250,000. Of course, leverage can result in a large loss or gain.

However, the robot will execute many trades at the right time and all automatically. There are many advantages to using such a robot. However, we recommend that you start by depositing small amounts of money to familiarise yourself with how the site works. If you want to be on the safe side, you can simply turn to the more secure Bitcoin Trader robot, which has a proven track record.